A Guardianship and/or Conservatorship involves a court proceeding in which a guardian and/or conservator is appointed to take over the personal decision-making (guardian) and/or financial decision-making (conservator) functions of an incapacitated person (impaired by reason of mental illness, mental deficiency, physical illness or disability, chronic use of drugs, chronic intoxication, or other cause) or a person needing protection of their assets (because the person lacks the ability to mange their financial affairs). If the person is competent, powers of attorney should suffice (please look under estate planning heading in this website).


Information Needed:

  • Name, address, birth date and description of incapacity of person for whom guardianship and/or conservatorship is sought;
  • Name, address and relationship of person applying to become guardian and/or conservator;
  • Spouse, parents, and children (both names and addresses) of person for whom guardianship and/or conservatorship is sought. If no direct relatives, then name and address of closest relative and person having care of the incapacitated person;
  • Assets, including description, financial institution and value, of incapacitated person;
  • Doctor, social worker and attorney currently representing incapacitated person.


How To Make An Appointment:

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