Trust Administration


  • Consultation on questions and changes to existing trusts;
  • Preparation of documents necessary to modify or revoke revocable trusts;
  • Consultation on duties of Trustee;
  • Consultation on rights of Beneficiaries;
  • Preparation of pleadings necessary to modify or revoke irrevocable trusts.


Items to Bring to Initial Trust Administration Conference:

  • Existing documents, including trust, wills, durable powers of attorney and medical documents;
  • Financial statement which shows all property currently in the name of the trust and other property that you own, approximate value of the property, how the property is titled, and if there is a beneficiary designation, who the beneficiary and contingent beneficiaries are;
  • Copies of real property deeds;
  • Copies of last statements for all bank and brokerage accounts;
  • Copies of declaration page for all life insurance;
  • Names and addresses of all children, grandchildren, beneficiaries and agents.


How To Make An Appointment:

Call (406) 248-6654